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SCRSS Archive

The SCRSS archive records the history of the Society from its foundation in 1924 as the Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR until the present day. It covers the Society's activities over the whole period - from annual general meetings to exhibitions. It includes copies of the Society's publications and reports, materials collected by the Society's special interest groups (SCR Sections), photographic records and important bequests. Access for research purposes to the Society's internal records in the archive is by approval of the SCRSS Council.

The archive holds digitised copies of the Society's annual reports going back to 1924, minutes and bulletins of the SCR Sections, and illustrated records of professional and educational exchanges, receptions, seminars, exhibitions and other events. It holds the Society's various journals published over the years, including Soviet Culture (1934), Anglo-Soviet Journal (1937), Soviet Life and Work (1938), Anglo-Soviet Journal (1940-1992), SCRSS Information Digest (1992-2013) and SCRSS Digest (2014 to present).

The core of the Society's outstanding reference library and archive is formed from materials collected by the SCR Sections. As the Society's membership increased after 1924, a series of special interest groups were formed, known as SCR Sections. They included, among others, Architects and Planners, Education, History, Theatre, Film, Writers, Medical, Science, Legal and Chess. Members of these groups were often leading figures in their fields, they exchanged ideas and publications with their Soviet counterparts, documented their activities and collected materials (some now rare) relating to their specialism.

The archive also includes a number of important bequests of books, pamphlets and documentary material:


Cover of Anglo-Soviet Journal, Autumn 1961 (copyright SCRSS)


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SCR poster for lantern lecture by Huntly Carter on The New Russian Theatre: Its Cultural Meaning, 1924 (copyright SCRSS)